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A Woman’s Work Is Never Done

- E. Wood

An immersive experience that exposes the familiar yet unrecognised strain of emotional labour and its relation to modern gender equality. Through media, experience design, reflection, and practising recognition visitors will be able to learn the definition of emotional labour, how emotional labour impacts their own life, and it’s extreme importance in human relationships. Presented by M.A. Narrative Environments student Amanda McFerren

Hundred Years Gallery Collection – Selected Works

- Hundred Years Gallery

A selection of work from the Hundred Years Gallery collection, by artists closely associated with the gallery.

The Sisters of Indiscretion

- Hundred Years Gallery

Julie Ann and Julia Maddison, have worked in collaboration to create 'The Sisters of Indiscretion' - an exhibition celebrating sisterhood, womanhood, artistic freedom and community.

The Tunnel: The Zone

- Asylum Chapel

A group exhibition by The Tunnel drawing inspiration from Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker (1979).

The Tunnel: Labyrinths

- Hundred Years Gallery

A group exhibition by The Tunnel drawing inspiration from Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges (1962).