Frequently Asked Questions

What is EXHBT?

EXHBT has 2 equally important functions.

  1. To be an affordable, inclusive marketing to tool for galleries. Available to ALL galleries.
  2. To display art exhibitions online, so that those who are unable to view exhibitions in person don’t miss out and still get to see them online. EXHBT is available to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.  Along with a virtual tour of the gallery space and close up images of each artwork we also have interviews with each artist and a playlist to complement the exhibition.


How do you say EXHBT?

EXHBT is pronounced like the word ‘exhibit’ (ex-hib-it).


Why are you trying to be hipster?

We are sorry for the hipsteryness, the name ‘EXHIBIT’ was already taken!


Can I view the exhibitions on EXHBT for free?

Of course, all our exhibitions are free to view!


I work for/own/manage a gallery, how do I display my gallery’s exhibitions on EXHBT?

Send over an email to info@exhbt.com and we can discuss it further and organise when to come in to photograph the exhibition.


Is it suuuper expensive to display our exhibitions on EXHBT?

Nope!  We aim to be affordable for all galleries and are offering our services at the lowest price possible.  Each exhibition costs £50 per month to display on EXHBT.  If you have an exhibition that is on for 3 months, it will cost you £150 in total, spread into 3 £50 monthly payments.  If you have an exhibition running for 3 months in the gallery but you would like to leave it online for an additional 3 months after it has closed in the gallery (6 months on EXHBT in total) this will be a total of £300 spread into 6 £50 monthly payments.

We also offer ALL galleries their first month for FREE to see how EXHBT works for you!


Are there any hidden fees?

Nope!  Just £50 per month, per exhibition, after your first free month.


How can it only be £50 a month for professional photography of each image, 360 virtual tour of the gallery space, interviews with each artist, a curated playlist to complement the exhibition …on a website alongside other equally awesome galleries and exhibitions AND offering marketing through all major social media platforms and search engines?

What can I say? …We’re great.  It’s that simple.


Can we display more than one exhibition online at once?

Of course!  Each exhibition will be treated separately and will be billed at £50 per month on the date it goes live.  If you have one exhibition going live on EXHBT on the 5th and then a second exhibition in a different gallery room to go live on EXHBT on the 26th, you will be billed monthly on the 5th for the first exhibition and then billed separately on the 26th for the second exhibition.  This way, you are only billed for the exact days each exhibition is live.

If you would prefer to be billed on the same day each month, this can be arranged also.


If one of our exhibitions runs a day or 2 over the month, will we be billed for a whole month?

Nah, we’ll work it out fairly and only bill you for those days.  In a 30 day month, the £50 would be divided by 30 and then use that price to work out how much the charge for those extra days would be.


If we want to take down an exhibition at any point, is that possible?  Can we get a refund for the remaining days in the month that we won’t be using?

Yep and yep.  Give us 24 hours notice and we’ll take it down for you whenever you like.  We’ll work out the refund price for the remaining days in the same way as stated in the previous question and transfer it back to you.


Why do the pictures of the artworks look different, even if they are on the same wall in the same gallery?

As the images are taken in a gallery setting rather than a studio, we don’t have controlled lighting and aren’t able to light every image in the same way.  We like to view our images in the same way as our eyebrows 😏 – they are sisters, not twins.  Some images will be by a window, some will be higher up the wall and closer to the lighting, some will be in the corner and maybe lit more from one side.  Galleries will also have slightly different coloured lighting (also known as temperature or Kelvins) which is why some images may appear slightly yellower or bluer than others.  We usually adjust the colour balance slightly so that the colour of the light doesn’t affect the colour of the artwork in the picture too much, but we also like to keep the feel of the image close to how it is displayed in the Gallery.


I’m an artist, can you display my exhibition on your website?

We are only able to display exhibitions through galleries.  If you have an exhibition in a gallery coming up and you would like it to be on EXHBT, talk to the gallery about it and we can arrange it together.


I’m an artist, how can I get my work in one of your exhibitions?

We don’t have an exhibition space of our own, we just display exhibitions online from galleries with their own exhibition space.  We don’t decide whose work is displayed.  But don’t be afraid to approach galleries with your work and when you have an exhibition, let the gallery know that you’d like it to go on EXHBT!


Is EXHBT only available in English?

No!  EXHBT can be translated into 104 languages via the Google Translation drop-down menu.  If you are viewing the website on desktop, you can find the Google Translation Tool in the top right corner of the page.  If you are viewing the website via phone or tablet, in the top right corner is the menu button (5 lines in a box that highlights green when you hover the mouse over), the Google Translation Tool is at the bottom of the menu once you press this button.  If you notice any issues with the translation, let us know at info@exhbt.com.


I have work for a gallery in Paris and we would like to work with EXHBT to display our exhibitions online!

That would be awesome, and we would absolutely love to!  But at the present, we are a super new, super small operation and don’t have the resources to reach you yet.  But hopefully, in the not too distant future, we can work together!


I absolutely LOVE one of the artworks in an exhibition on EXHBT, how can I buy it? 

EXHBT doesn’t deal with buying and selling of artworks, please contact the gallery directly to organise the sale.


I work for a gallery, can we sell our artworks through EXHBT?

EXHBT doesn’t have an online store to sell artworks through but if anybody is interested in purchasing any artworks they have seen on EXHBT, we will direct them straight to you!


Got any other questions?  You can contact us via the contact form on the Contact page (in the menu at the top of the page) or you can email us directly at info@exhbt.com.