Frequently Asked Questions

What is EXHBT?

It is an affordable, inclusive marketing tool for galleries. It provides the galleries the ability to display art exhibitions online in an interactive way. This gives the ability for audiences who are unable to view exhibitions in person to not miss out and see them online instead. EXHBT is available to everyone, everywhere, regardless of where you are (however, we’re still working on Antarctica!). Along with a virtual tour of the gallery space and close up images of each artwork, audiences will also be delighted to delve further into the artist’s life with interview content and a playlist to complement the exhibition.


Can I view the exhibitions on EXHBT for free?

Of course you can! All of our exhibitions are free to view!


As a gallery owner, or as someone who manages one, how do I display exhibitions on EXHBT? 

Shoot us an email on info@exhbt.com and we can have a chat in further detail and organise a date to come in and photograph the exhibition.


What are the costs behind displaying our exhibitions on EXHBT?

We aim to be affordable for all galleries and offer our services at the best possible price. Each exhibition costs £50 per month to display on EXHBT. If you have an exhibition that is on for three months, it will cost a total of £150, spread into three £50 monthly payments. If your exhibition finishes in the gallery after three months, but you wish to carry on having it online on our platform, we’re more than happy to accommodate you, but you will be billed £50 per month for the service.

We offer ALL galleries their first month for free! So you will be able to see how EXHBT works for you!


Are there any hidden fees?

Not at all! It only costs £50 per month, per exhibition, after your first free month.


Can we display more than one exhibition online at once?

Absolutely! Each exhibition will be treated separately and each will be billed at £50 per month on the date it goes live (of course after the first free month).

If you have one exhibition going live on EXHBT on the 5th of the month a second exhibition in a different gallery room on the 26th, you’ll be billed monthly on the 5th for the first exhibition and billed again on the 26th for the second exhibition. This way, you will only be billed for the exact days each exhibition is live.


If one of our exhibitions runs a day or 2 over the month, will we be billed for a whole month?

Definitely not! We’d split the bill into a thirty-day month, the £50 would be divided by thirty days to price out singular days and charge you accordingly. This way you will never lose out – we’ve got you covered!


If we want to take down an exhibition at any point, is that possible?  Can we get a refund for the remaining days in the month that we won’t use?

Yes and yes! Please do give us 24-hour notice and we’ll take down your exhibition. We’d work out the refund amount for the remaining days in the same way as stated in the previous question and have it transferred to you.


Why do the pictures of the artworks look different, even if they are on the same wall in the same gallery?

Due to the nature of the gallery, we’re not in control of all the lighting. It makes the experience that bit more natural as some paintings and exhibition pieces are further and closer to larger sources of light.

If we believe that images have suffered due to the lighting, we’d adjust the colour balances ever so slightly to ensure that the audiences experience is not affected!


I’m an artist, can you display my exhibition on your website?

We only display exhibitions through galleries. If you have an exhibition in a gallery coming up and you’d like to have it on EXHBT, talk to the gallery about it and we work together on having it on our site.


I’m an artist, how can I get my work in one of your exhibitions?

We don’t have an exhibition space of our own, we just display exhibitions online from galleries with their own exhibition space.  We do not decide whose work is displayed.  But don’t be afraid to approach galleries with your work and when you have an exhibition, let the gallery know that you’d like it to go on EXHBT!


What if I have work in a gallery outside of the UK? Like in Paris, France, would you be able to display my exhibition online? 

It would be incredible to display your exhibition on EXHBT! But at the present time, we are a very new, small operation and do not have the resources to reach you. Hopefully in the not too distant future, we can work together!


I absolutely LOVE one of the artworks I saw in an exhibition on EXHBT, how could I purchase it?

EXHBT doesn’t deal with buying and selling of artwork, please contact the gallery directly to organise the sale.


I work for a gallery, can we sell our artwork through EXHBT?

EXHBT doesn’t have an online store to sell artwork. If have someone who would like to purchase any artwork they have seen on EXHBT, we will direct them straight to you!


Got any other questions?

Email us directly at info@exhbt.com