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The Sisters of Indiscretion —

Hundred Years Gallery

London artists, Julie Ann and Julia Maddison, have used the floor of the gallery as a giant scrapbook, displaying images and objects; specially made, collected or found.  The installation revolves around the dialogue between the two artists, who have much in common – but also find themselves at odds with each other in their artistic practices and most other aspects of their lives.  This dialogue is also part of a much wider discussion about women; what has changed in the past hundred years since women were given the vote?  We are celebrating the fact that we are now allowed to be indiscreet; we can shout; we don’t have to hide.

‘The title of the show, The Sisters of Indiscretion, came to us after a visit to a local convent, St. Saviour’s in Queensbridge Road.  We were filled with admiration for the members of this community – but, obviously, we are not nuns ourselves; the installation is a celebration of our freedoms and raise questions about our choices as artists and middle-aged women.  The photographs, drawings, notes, scraps and seeming fripperies will strike a chord with the careful viewer.’


For further information on any of the artists or if you wish to purchase any of the artworks in this exhibition, please contact the Hundred Years Gallery directly.